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3 Top Tips to Attract Pollinators

Nature designed flowering plants to attract pollinators so that successful pollination can take place leading to bumper harvests of fruit and vegetables. So here are our top 3 tips to help attract busy pollinators to your garden:

1. Mix it up: Plant a mix of flowering plants from different countries and regions. Include a mix of shapes and sizes as well as plants that flower at different times of the year - fuschia from the southern hemisphere will flower later in the season providing pollinators with nectar almost until the first frosts appear and crocus are valuable to early season pollinators.

2. Go native: Place an emphasis on plants from the UK. In the recent RHS Bugs for Plants science project more pollinators were found on native plants.

3. Sometimes more is more! The more flowers you can offer throughout the year the more bees, hoverflies and other pollinating insects you will attract.